For 17 years I have been studying business, managing consulting and coaching. Successful match of technical and humanitarian approaches has defined my concept of work with clients.

Technical background helps me to see reality on a system level. Education in psychology and coaching allows to understand emotional-behavioral component of clients’ situations. All what is done by me, is organized as a structure and an algorithm. Any objective is turned into the subsequence of steps for its resolution, at each of the step special managing tools are used according to a certain technology. And here in I see the key factor of my achievements and success of my clients.

My mission

to support intention of people to make their lives better and help them to achieve it. In the light of my mission all the directions of my activity are realized: trainings, managing consulting and business-coaching.  

Most important principle

The most important principle of my work – is understanding the desires and aims of my client as well as discussing with them precisely mutual expectations and responsibilities. The essence of such relations is in strict definition of terms in spent time and achieved result. Exactly those terms, execution of which would let us consider our responsibilities to each other, are fulfilled.

I see the work of a business trainer, a consultant and a coach not less technical then humanitarian. Engineering methods- measurements, calibration, projecting the mechanism, effective definition the performance factor work in it. Just the subject of the labor are not machines and constructions, but human’s decisions, settings and relations.

I could also digitalize professional successes and achievements: during the period of my practice I personally taught nearly 15 000 people. I gave something to each of them and I received something for enrichment my personnel experience. Whatever pompously it could sound, but, possibly, I have influenced somebody’s fate, I have helped somebody to change his life, to reach important picks, correct mistakes, get new vector for development. As sometimes it happens, in order to do one useful skill is enough, the one, received during the training.

My clients

at least, 90% of them, are people with vividly expressed demand in achievements. Having started working with me, they stay with me for a long period of time as they get the real results, which help them to increase the level of their goals.

My hobbies

track-and-field athletics, jazz vocal and shooting shorties in the genre of arthouse. I also like a lot nature and animals.  

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