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Factors of formatting corporate loyalty

It is known that in companies, which could boast of a high level of corporate loyalty, people work longer, resign more seldom and in crisis situations show more faithfulness.

19.06.2020 Read more

Why coaching becomes more and more useful for business?

Coaching appeared in Russia in the end of 90s- beginning of 2000.  Since that time…

17.06.2020 Read more

How to stop procrastinating?

Procrastinating, it means when you delay important things to be done for a long time and kill your time in order not to do the main task- that is the enemy number one for the majority of people, which we speak about work.

15.06.2020 Read more

Agile as a method of teamwork

Agile appeared and started to develop in 2000 as a method of developing software in…

10.06.2020 Read more

Does coaching suit you?

Usually coaching is presented as a perfect solution for any problems in case you find a good coach and start your working with him.

07.06.2020 Read more

How a subordinate should communicate with his chief correctly?

Every employee sooner or later reaches the moment, when he needs to deal with a chief directly. The higher the rang of the chief, the stronger the feeling of internal discomfort is from the expectation of communication with him.

06.06.2020 Read more

Coaching as a complex system

Term «coaching» came to Russian language from English language and was derived from the world…

01.06.2020 Read more

What is the difference between coaching and business training?

Getting up at seven o’clock, be at work at nine. Work until six, maybe later. A working week passes, then weekends come and the same routine. All thoughts are about work.

27.05.2020 Read more

What is the difference between coaching and business training?

Coaching and trainings are not new in our life. Anyway, a lot of people until now do not understand what is the difference between these two terms and practices, which are beyond them. It is high time to know, in case you did not know before, or to remember for those, you knew but forgot.   

25.05.2020 Read more

About differences between leadership and management

Leadership and management are processes, connected with social power in a group. A chief grounds his power on formal rights and responsibilities. His status could be named formal leadership.

20.05.2020 Read more
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