Coaching — is a type of individual consulting without any mentoring, advice, recommendations.

Coaching is consulting, based on different types of techniques of questions.

You need to apply for the service of coaching when:  

  • There is a goal, but there is no clear understanding how to achieve it.  
  • There is a desire to change current situation in business, but it is not clear, how to do it.
  • There is a situation, in which it seems that there is lack of resources in order to resolve the task.  

These could be situations with staff, finances, partners, clients, suppliers, profitability, structure of business and its processes.  

Coaching provides:  

  • The most optimized way to achieve set goals
  • Save time
  • Insurance from possible mistakes

Coaching works according with an algorithm, which is analogical to some others, for example, medical: diagnosis, hypothesis, checking, verification with the help of definite methods, development and prescription the program of treatment and results’ estimation. Common frame of coaching is structural models of individual work and techniques of issues.  

I am dealing with transformational coaching, oriented on stimulation organized and personnel development. The core of transformational coaching is visualization as the method of formation the desired future. The essence of the method of visualization is to offer to the client a possibility to form an ideal picture of his future in business. As a result we work on specific image, structured in time and digitalized in money and other measurable parameters. Then a program of changes in the current state of business is developed and realized, which leads to the desired image.  

Transformational coaching— is modelling your own future through changes of personnel preferences, principles, skills and habits. It is a serious work, where the role of the client is not less important than the role of the coach.  

Transformational coaching helps to define a list of what is necessary in order to achieve the desired result: competence, knowledge, contacts, service hours. These resources in coaching are opened as zones of development.

My experience in coaching– 9 years. During this period, I have had more than 30 successful realized projects with clients not only from Russia, but also from foreign countries. I am an English-speaking coach, certified in London and Los-Angeles.  

During a year I lead not more than 10 clients in order to pay enough attention to everyone and render high quality services. Average duration of the project is 3 months, dynamics of coaching sessions is 2 times a week. Duration of every session is 60 minutes.  

The essences of my approach— is to define specifically what the person wants, if not for a long-lasting perspective, but at least short-lasting. Basing on it, a program for coach-sessions is formed as well as home assessment for the client is given. Then comes the time of contracting- agreement of terms, with compliance of which the real result is to be reached as well as mutual obligations are to be fulfilled.  

Three principles of my approach:   specificity, mutual obligingness and responsibility for the result, it means transformation of essential for the person spheres in business, work, personality.

Sometimes I start a coaching project with psych gnosis in order to understand methodically in which exactly situation at the current moment my client is, for example, what is his current stress level and how real are his goals, which he sets for himself, basing on available with him resources.

Types of coaching services

Orientation (diagnostic) session

Cost USD 120

Individual session

Cost USD 200

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