I public in paper and electronic mass media of social-economic and business specialization. In commentaries, notes and articles I share with readers information about actual practices and technologies of modern management in the sphere of sales, staff management and personnel efficiency of a manager.  I share my experience of an entrepreneur and director of my own company, a business-trainer, an organizing consultant and a coach.

Productivity of a working day: how to part time so that it works for us

Eight hours working day is not efficient. But, unfortunately, that is also about many other…

How to unify the best: teambuilding in sales

When we speak about team ship, there appears a desire to exclude competition from a…

Internal marketing of staff: motivation in staff management

Functions of staff-management are executed in the activity of a manager daily: each cooperation with…

Leadership of the highest level: how to ascend up the stairs of efficiency

How to use the concept “Five levels of leadership” for increase of management efficiency and…

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