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How to unify the best: teambuilding in sales


When we speak about team ship, there appears a desire to exclude competition from a set of management tools. And that is not fully correct. Competitiveness is transferred from interpersonal level of self-conscious level of functioning and communications to internal level of self-consciousness of every separate employee. To put it simpler, it is important that a manager and a seller become competitors themselves and compete with themselves. It is opened in habitual practice of a change of personnel parameters of resultativeness, efficiency, optimality. A good seller is the one, who constantly longs for excelling themselves, beats their records, improves the results. If he does not compare himself with others, then he always compares himself with himself and his current achievements with his previous ones. Competition for him is his inner fuel for development. That should principally be taken in mind while staff recruiting in sales departments and also for the purpose of teambuilding. How to achieve this effect, a new article by Oleg Busygin in the magazine “Sales Management”, No. 2 of 2020.

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