Business-trainings, performed by me- are services, the result of which is a definite, quantitively evaluated product. For example, a skill, organizational change, implementation of a business model, etc. Business training should be structured on a system level in accordance with objectives and plans, give to its participants safe working tools in order to resolve professional, career and commercial problems.    

Structure of a business training is 20% of theory and 80% of practice according to the formula: learn, study up, implement.  

What for do we need trainings:  

  • Help even ambitious people to move beyond frames of their ambitions and to rise the level of their goals.  
  • Could give right directions of development potential of a personality, organization, business.
  • Could provide with desirable and manageable changes of organizational behavior.
  • Increase the level of client’s orientation  

By genres business-trainings, which I give, are divided into skill (oriented on formation and work out of certain skills), motivational (forming motivation of the staff and increase its effectiveness) and searching (oriented on the search and finding the decision for a certain problematic situation).  

I see my objective as a trainer that participants gather finally in essence maximum practical knowledge and skills, which could be implemented in their professional activity immediately. Result of any training should be so that it could be digitalized in the real indexes of efficiency

My experience of business-training execution is more than 10 years, with total length of worked time -22 years. Basic principle is to teach only what is used by me personally in practice and which gives the results.   I have come to this market from the practice of leading personnel business, including sales. This experience allows me to build up trainings pragmatically, having a look at them extensionally through the eyes of a trainer and a client- an entrepreneur, a chief, a sales manager, who could like to get the result, which would increase their efficiency and capitalization. 

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