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Organizational diagnostics

Stages of work

  • Identification of strong and weak sides of the organization
  • Formation of problematic field of the organization
  • Analysis and detailed expansion of problems in the organization
  • Uncovering the main threats of the organizational functioning
  • Forecast of the organizational development
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Program development

  • Formation of a working plan and confirmation the program with a Client
  • Choice of methods and forms of work for every module of consulting with consideration the results of organizational diagnostics and specifics of company’s business
  • Conclusion of the contract


Conduction of consulting modules with the use of the following working technologies:

  • Individual consulting in the format of coaching
  • Training programs.

Fixing the results

Evaluation of the received results and conduction of different events with the purpose to fix the reached changes:

  • Working meetings
  • Individual consulting
  • Distant education

Technologies of organizational diagnostics


Methods of self-diagnostics, methods of analysis of management decisions, methods of a diagnostical interview and diagnostical outlooks are included into the content of general organizational diagnostics.

Basing on the methods of organizational diagnostics, a management consultant works with internal factors which are under influences from the side of the enterprise.

Specifics of diagnostical methods allows to form the desired organizational order and it forms conditions for generation management decisions until the work of a consultant ends at this stage of consulting.

Program of Organizational Diagnostics (1 day)

Target Group
Organizational diagnostics represents a complex of methods, realization of which presupposes work of a consultant with a manager- a client and management team organization.
Purpose of diagnostics
The purpose of diagnostics is a detailed analysis of work of the organization as a system, identification and classification of management problems, analysis of strong and weak sides of an organization, search for contradictions, requiring a management decision. Diagnostics of an organization gives understanding of where to find a solution with the purpose of business optimization
Name of the block Time of conduct Content
The first day
1. Diagnostical interview with the chief of the organization, top management of the company    
The second day
2. Analysis of the goals of the organization   Demands to the goal, formation of business goals, analysis of contradictions in the goals of the organization
3. Analysis of life circle stages of the organization    
4. Group diagnostics   Identification of organizational and management contradictions, identification of strong and weak sides of the organization, problems actualization and formation of general vision of cause-effect relations in the process of their appearance
5. Analysis of management mistakes    
6. Analysis of organizational contradictions    
7. Definition of connections between identified problems    
8. Expert analysis of identified problems (conducted by the expert group, formed from the employees of the organization)    

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