My name is Oleg Busygin and I am glad to greet you in my site!

Here in you will find any emotional charge, inspiration and ways to solve your objectives. Even those of them, which seem for the first time overwhelming, in most of the cases are tackled with quite successfully. It is important to make the first step. And you have already done it, having visited my site.

With the first step a path to the make changes in your life, work, career, business, which would increase their level of quality, could be started. It is important to understand your readiness for development and see your possibilities, to set your goals correctly and define the means to an end. And I would be glad to help you with it.

Methods of development consciousness

Consciousness is a state, when a person focuses on worries of the present moment, not…

21.09.2021 Read more

Stress from expecting: how to help yourself in this state?

Stress is something that all of us overcame, overcome and will overcome. We are not…

14.09.2021 Read more

Classic methods of time management

In the beginning of a new year we make personnel and working plans for the…

07.09.2021 Read more
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21.09 , the module of the training program of the sales department “AEM-technologies” in St….

Snap poll. Visualization is a powerful method of formation internal motivation. Percentage is better than…

Client 7/ COACHING

Position: employed director   Objective: diagnostics and solution of the timing problem Rezult: the transformation…

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