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Why do we need trainings?

The question “why do we need trainings?” accompanies the business coach always, throughout his professional…

21.06.2022 Read more

Coaching of top managers

Coaching of top managers almost always touches on issues of personal effectiveness and life goals,…

13.05.2022 Read more

The four-dimensionality of the brand

Brand formation makes business leaders think about the very essence of their business, about the…

29.04.2022 Read more

Good clients, bad clients

There are no bad or good customers, but there are people who differ in their…

12.04.2022 Read more

Basic skills of a facilitator

Facilitation is one of the methods to make communication with the group purposeful, engaging and…

28.03.2022 Read more

How to ask questions correctly when working with a team?

Inspiring a team to talk is not as easy as it seems. The ability to…

22.02.2022 Read more

Why does coaching become more and more useful for business?

Coaching appeared in Russia in the end of 90s- beginning of 2000.  Since that time…

02.02.2022 Read more

Strategies and visions in business

Today strategy in business could be understood in an absolutely applicable way as a way…

11.01.2022 Read more

Rules of brainstorming

Today’s business often demands taking quick decisions. Objective is complicated if the decisions cover a…

14.12.2021 Read more

What is the difference between coaching and business training?

Coaching and training are not new in our life. Anyway, a lot of people until…

23.11.2021 Read more
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