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Strategies and visions in business

Today strategy in business could be understood in an absolutely applicable way as a way…

11.01.2022 Read more

Rules of brainstorming

Today’s business often demands taking quick decisions. Objective is complicated if the decisions cover a…

14.12.2021 Read more

Why does coaching become more and more useful for business?

Coaching appeared in Russia in the end of 90s- beginning of 2000.  Since that time…

30.11.2021 Read more

What is the difference between coaching and business training?

Coaching and training are not new in our life. Anyway, a lot of people until…

23.11.2021 Read more

How should a subordinate communicate with his chief correctly?

Every employee sooner or later reaches the moment when he needs to deal with a…

02.11.2021 Read more

Does coaching suit you?

Usually coaching is presented as a perfect solution for any problems in case you find…

26.10.2021 Read more

How to stop procrastinating?

Procrastinating, it means when you delay important things to be done for a long time…

19.10.2021 Read more

Flexibility as a leading competence

Today more often you could hear an opinion that nearly the main quality for the…

12.10.2021 Read more

Transformational leadership as a management style

Every bright leader differs by his individual style, which is expressed in communications, processes’ evaluation,…

05.10.2021 Read more

About differences between leadership and management

Leadership and management are processes, connected with social power in a group. A chief grounds…

28.09.2021 Read more
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