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What is the difference between coaching and business training?


Getting up at seven o’clock, be at work at nine. Work until six, maybe later. A working week passes, then weekends come and the same routine. All thoughts are about work. There is not time on family, children, entertainment, or may be there is very little time. Which personnel growth could be there? Where is the way out? In the reality, to say that the only way out in here is coaching of personnel growth- is not fair. Some people, realizing fully the situation, could change something themselves, but there are very few people like this. Usually a person is drowned in a routine, and even if his work holds pleasure, anyway there is no time on himself. And if a person, due to some reasons, does not understand how to act in this situation, or understands but can’t or just does not know what to start with, then the coaching of personnel growth could help him.

In the reality, such coaching is not only development of yourself outside of work, but it is also development of yourself in general, in any life sphere. It helps to change an attitude to the surrounding, and when a person starts looking at the world differently, he would start acting in a different way, which would finally lead to development of personnel potential.  

Which changes happen to a person due to coaching of personnel growth? It is not useless to know about it.  

Efficiency growth  

Developing, a person thinks over different life sides, and consequently, starts actively take part in those aspects of self-development, which earlier were left by him without attention. A coach helps to understand which exactly sides of the life and what should be done.

Motivation growth

The first positive changes inevitably lead to the increase of motivation. A coach helps a client to define, which exactly motivation is relevant for him.  

Increase of resistance and worries removal  

Development is not an easy process. Often stresses are waiting for the person in his path to a better life. That is why an important objective of a coach is to build a strong foundation of a client’s personality so that he has a possibility to resist stresses due to their internal force.  


Besides a person knows himself from unexpectedly pleasant sides, he also acquires a tool-self-knowing- what he can use in his further life. And that is priceless. Exactly self-knowing and understanding why we do something or behave ourselves in this or that way is a path to qualitatively new development of a human being as a personality.

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