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Good clients, bad clients


There are no bad or good customers, but there are people who differ in their reactions and behavior. Even with similar situations, needs and opportunities, they can manifest themselves in different ways. In order to learn how to work with them without losing the chances of concluding a deal, they use fairly simple psychological typologies of clients.

The process of buying and selling is determined by at least three factors, needs, preferences and motivation. In the behavior of the client, all of them are passed through the filters of his psychological characteristics (temperament, type of character, degree of openness, level of development of communication skills, etc.). Therefore, to communicate with different clients, the seller will need flexibility and knowledge of the typology of client psychotypes.

You need to know the typology of clients in order to:

• to form your own position and communication tactics consistent with it;
• build a presentation of your trade offer;
• prepare for possible resistance and objections from the client;
• the buyer will like it and build a long-term relationship with him.

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