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How to avoid damage from interpersonal conflict?


One of the types of damage from interpersonal conflict, moreover, when it happens in the sphere of business relations, is negative influence on the person’s psychics. The danger of it is that as a result the decrease of self-esteem could happen, even in professional one, and when deeper- I-conception could suffer. And then it is not far from distress and depression. For a responsible official, manager, specialist from the scientific sphere it is a threat of dysfunction and factor of professional burnout. The fact of the risk capacity of business conflicts dictates the clamorous necessity of developing a model of personnel stress-management and ability to apply in practice strategies of conflict reaction.   

It is good, when you succeed in changing your attitude almost immediately to stressful situations, especially unexpected ones, to turn upside down the modality.  Not to get upset, not to blame others, not to look for someone to accuse, not to regret and otherthink. Vice versa: to find out your mistakes, to understand, why they had appeared, to learn a lesson from what happened, to be grateful for it. At least the situation itself, at least inside yourself, without any words. 

If you really need a comfort life without commotions, then it is worth to take radically under control all its spheres, to distinguish all obvious and foreseen from “blind zones”, and to reinforce to its maximum management of your spheres and processes with understanding that in reality it would be possible to manage effectively not everyone. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to move along a sunny side, following rules, having built up plans and strictly following them, and it is not always easy to break out of chaos. But it is possible. The most important things here are passion, technologies, confidence and self-control.

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