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Why do we need trainings?


The question “why do we need trainings?” accompanies the business coach always, throughout his professional life and career. And every time I have to answer this question anew, confirming my professionalism and competence. First of all, to myself. This does not bypass even those masters who have long made a name for themselves, a reputation, and have become a brand.

There are many answers to this question, and here is one of them. Training is also a form of getting out of the comfort zone. A participant may find himself in a new situation and find himself forced to solve some task in it. It is quite possible that he will experience some stress for himself. Its benefit may be that it will make it possible to find a new behavior, even to form a new scenario and a way to choose a way to respond to a challenge.

Those who do not have regular practice of participating in business trainings, condemn themselves to low variability of behavior. It is impossible to get it from books: no matter how good books, distance learning, YouTube videos, webinars, etc. are – all this does not give the effect of live presence and involvement. And they should be considered the key advantages of training as a special form of training and professional development.

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