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What does it mean to be a good salesman?


It is often said that you need to be born a good salesman. Indeed, a good seller is a person who likes to sell, because he sees the sale process itself as positive communication with the buyer in order to meet his needs. A good seller considers the result of the transaction, first of all, not to receive money for the goods or services sold, but to acquire a credit of trust from his client. If this credit of trust is justified, then the client will stay with his supplier for a long time and, most likely, will recommend him to others.

There is no point arguing that a person who is psychologically predisposed to such activities is best suited for each profession. The illusion that everyone can sell has long since left our society. Now, probably, almost everyone understands that sales is a serious profession based on certain competencies, an important place among which is knowledge of your product and understanding of people, mastery of the negotiation process and effective communication techniques. This is not easy for everyone, even as a result of special training. Working with people and information is not suitable for everyone by character, temperament, and psychotype. It is no coincidence that we say that the most important qualities of a good seller are proactivity and flexibility.

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