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Flexibility as a leading competence


Today more often you could hear an opinion that nearly the main quality for the modern leader is flexibility. Without this quality he could not be imagined at all and he is not possible at all. A modern leader without flexibility is either not modern or not a leader. Here we do not take into account formal leaders from archaic organizations, which are still so numerous in Russia, but even though they hold any substantial positions in the market, then anyway time presses on them. At the same time, life legends of foreign leadership are iconic examples of flexibility: Mark Zuckerberg, Ilon Musk, Richard Branson, Sergey Brin, Jeff Besos.    

What is implemented into the term “flexibility” as a leading competence?  

  • Ability to change, adapt to the situation if it isn’t at odds with personnel and corporate values, as well as mission and goals of business.  
  • Understanding the employees, perception of your employees as employees but not as subordinators.
  • Delegation responsibilities, usage of principle of collective leadership and methods of facilitation in management.   
  • Ability to study, develop and manage yourself.
  • Consciousness, possession of highly developed empathy and emotional intellect besides rational one.  
  • Ability to trust and inclination to experiments.
  • Combination of different styles in management and communications.

Today flexibility more often distinguishes leaders in the most dynamic industries: electronics, IT, telecommunication, online-trading, robotechnic, service sector. But even more and more it is demanded also in other spheres of humane activity.

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