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Fear before future and flexible skills


Will the majority of traditional professions disappear in the nearest future? Will machines remove a human being from the market? Will a human being turn into a robot or not? These are hot-button issues, which are raised not only in fantasy novels and futuristic utopias, but during life itself. And modern business training gives answers to them one of the first. Today the turn is being held in this training, which could be called humanistic.  It means that training is directed to human component in people, systems and processes.   

Best of all the crux of this turn was expressed by a famous Jack Ma, one of the world leaders of business mainstream. He pointed out that we need to develop today those abilities and qualities, which only a person could have, but not any machines, computers or robots. What is meant herein are creativity, intuition, empathy, esthetics, artistic talents, fantasies, morality.

A person could not be compared with a computer in analytics, statistics, calculations, mathematical modelling. He should not compete with a machine in diking, drilling boreholes and loading and transportation of mined rocks. This is also true as that none artificial intellect substitutes a human being in generation new ideas, writing fiction books, team management, conducting negotiations.  

Many personnel qualities, capabilities and features from the position of their applicable aspect are united in a modern business-training into a term- soft-skills or flexible skills. It includes universal skills, transparent for many professions, which could provide a specialist, a manager, a leader with high effectiveness.

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