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Why to settle risks in net communications?


Today to the place of traditional media trainings, trainings for digital and work in social nets have come. With the help of Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Youtube and Telegram millions of dollars are earned. Bloggers are attracted for targeting advertising and placement. Internal blogging is becoming a norm of corporate communications, both internal and external. Lion share of marketing, branding, reputational issues of marketing moved to the Internet. CEO and assets’ owners would like to find online new possibilities and profits. But it is also possible to find in publics, messengers and in channels risks and traps. To cut it short- new problems.

Which ones from these problems are on top of actuality today for business and its assets, first and foremost, not material ones?  

  • Necessity to monitor SM-activity of the staff. In terms of non- healthy politization of the society, official ideological pressing and growing competition, personnel accounts of staff could be used for search and fabrication of damaging information, provocation, trolling and cyberbullying. Almost every day it is possible to receive new cases about it.
  • Fake news, which launch a wave of disinformation. It is less likely that the law, which would forbid spreading deliberately false information on the Internet, would make troubles to the industry of fake-news.  
  • Implementation of artificial intellect at the mass level is not far from now. There are anxieties that possession of personnel data as a resource would be able to give to technological corporations unlimited and uncontrolled power over users.  
  • Another extreme: some countries are so much concerned with the problems of cyber safety, so that they are ready to implement strict censorship and sanctions for breaches of legislation, which restricts online-activity, including purchases in Internet-shops and usage of fee-paying systems.  
  • Hackers, serial adders, shills, hostile programs: the deeper informational technologies go into the life of society, the stronger becomes the demand for instruments and methods of “digital wars” of any scale.

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