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Symbolical motivation and corporate loyalty


There is an opinion that salary rise as a tool of motivation works effectively somewhere from three months until half a year, and then charge runs out, and in order to restart this mechanism, a new interest is necessary. An alternative, even more correctly, addition to material motivation is symbolical motivation, which lays in the increase of an employee’s status. Status, in its turn, is connected with a feedback: first and foremost, status is necessary for growth of self-esteem through been acknowledged, which could not be bought for money.

            According to statistic, all is not easy with non-material motivation in Russia. Simply said, it is in deficit: from the amount of all, who resign from their jobs on their wish, approximately 40% does not receive expected by them nonmaterial motivation.    

            It is sad, that the majority of managers in domestic companies still do not pay relevant attention to the system of non-material stimulation of its staff. At the same time exactly, nonmaterial motivators correspond to the demands of upper level of the Maslow pyramid- spiritual demands to acknowledge values of a certain personality for a group or a community. Besides, a line of factors of nonmaterial motivation refer to the company itself, are its characteristics, attributes, qualities. We could include to them:

  • Reputation and company image  
  • Its law-abiding  
  • Corporate culture
  • Competitiveness and capitalization
  • Producibility and modernity 
  • Competence of management

If a company has these characteristics, people would like to be there. The level of trust to this company is high and it is considered prestigious to work in it.  

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